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Doorways International® Interview With Rich Hart


DOORWAYS INTERNATIONAL® magazine sits down with Rich Hart, international real estate broker and entrepreneur, to share his experiences, advice and the dynamics of the his profession.


Tell us a bit about your background and how you first got started in your speaking career, as well as being an instructor?

Wow… from early childhood experiences and a ton of adversity battles along the way, I had to climb from my own childhood wreckage. I always had the gift the gab, but found out through my life culminating experiences, that I never backed away from a challenge. I tested the waters very often, made many mistakes along the way, met many people and friends along the way… (some enemies), but I focused on what mattered the most that would make the biggest difference in my life and in the life of others around me. Why speak? Because fear was not an option. I believed I have a message for all to hear through experiences, challenges, choices and decisions that I made along the way. Simply put… it’s downright fun!

What was your first big break on your way to a successful career?

I don’t know if I can identify a first big break – I just continue to be better than my last performance. But, there was a show at the Orlando Convention Center amongst a crowd of my peers (very early in my journey), where I was slotted to close a program to a sold-out crowd of industry professionals. Fifteen minutes before taking the stage, I received some horrific news by phone from a lawyer about an extremely close family member. I remember forgetting my entire program outline, threw my notes in the trash can, and proceeded to make my way to center stage. I took a deep breath, opened my eyes and gave one of the best programs deliveries that I ever delivered to a complete standing ovation crowd. A great outcome. “Never let them see me sweat and the show will always go on!”

Who were some of the mentors you met along the way?

I had the privilege to followed a great deal of individuals by the way of books, seminars, cassette tapes, and every other form of motivational and inspirational materials I could put my hands on. But I would say that there are a few individuals that helped me along the way… the great Lord above after receiving the calling, my two children Jennifer and Justin who taught me what I may have missed growing up, and a dear friend, Mr. Jim Dawson, who was my speaking/communicator mentor and dear friend.

What led you into entrepreneurship or did you stumble into it?

All the people who told me that I would succeed in any of my journeys along the way. At 18 years old, I had a job interview where I was told that I was a “Jack of all trades and a Master of none”. As I proceeded to leave the interview abruptly – after a few choice words on my part – I got the job and worked for the company for five years. I moved around a bit, got lost, and then found again. I realized that for many years I made other people a great deal of money, putting together their companies and operations. Twenty one years ago, I left corporate America and never looked back once! I guess I stumbled into all of my companies and business dealings… from Real Estate, Financial Services, Business Development, Behavioral Services, Musician, Body Builder, Entrepreneurial Businesses, and a great deal more… all because of will, desire and determination.

What surprised you most about working in real estate?

How it is that individuals in such a diverse business environment – with opportunity at their very fingertips – only do what they need to do to get by… unbelivable! Also, how the term and definition of motivation has so many different meanings in different parts of the world.

Where do you get the motivation to do what you are doing?

I say that “Motivation is a Mindset and Inspiration is an Experience”. Every new day is an opportunity to renew your mindset… to learn a little bit more, become a little more wise, and to be humble to experience the opportunity of change. I’m motivated by the opportunity to see and be the change you want to be!

“It’s the simple moments we treasure that creates the Journey for a Lifetime” Rich Hart

What do you find most satisfying about your work? Most challenging?

When the light bulb goes on and I see the change in my listener’s eyes. I know that the heart and mind are not that far away, knowing that the only thing stopping them is the powers of choice and decision – which could be the hardest steps that they have ever taken. We have all be there and it’s called adversity. That’s the most challenging part of the journey.

What is your “superpower”? How would someone describe you?

Too funny! I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t take drugs, don’t chase wild woman, and live a clean godly & peaceful life… I have two great kids, one great lady (who was my 8th grade sweetheart that got away from me) but I got her back 8 years ago by the goodness and grace of my journey.

Describing me? It depends on who your talking to. I’m hard lined with some and softer with others, pretty easy going with reason and common sense. I have a tough time with lazy and stupidity. But, if you ask my ex-wife… well, I’m sure there will be new words added to the English language dictionary.

Where do you come up with your best ideas? On vacation?… in the middle of the night, etc.?

Out of nowhere! There is no set time or place – it just happens! I believe it’s spiritual with the combined ability to just letting things happen and asking for direction and guidance… “Let the flow be with me.”

What project or accomplishment would you consider to be the most significant in your career?

I would say that it would have to be the journey that I’m currently traveling. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I’m equally excited about the opportunity it has to offer. I enjoy the heck out of my work (if you want to call it work).

What sort of changes are occurring in the real estate industry?

Another wow! Technology has made some pretty significant changes in the way we communicate and conduct business today. Internationally, 153 billion dollars spent on US residential real estate last year between April 2016 and March 2017… up from the previous year of 102.6 billion dollars. Inventories are low across the country within reason. People are still not managing their money towards retirement. People are not afraid of dying, they’re more afraid of outliving their money. People on average are living longer. Health care is controlled by the greedy and in the hands of the political system and the Millennials have taken over to leave the Baby Boomers in proverbial dust fight for their meds. We get our news updates from biased commentators who think we need their opinion on how to conduct our lives. We’re in a war within the confines of our minds staring down the barrel on a nuclear missile from a county that has no clue that they are on the bottom of the proverbial food chain – and the list goes on.

As for real estate, it’s caught up in the vortex between humility and pride in a cycle that will constantly fluctuate with all of the environmental and economic factors of today’s market place. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, real estate will find a way through the twists and turn of the vicious cycle until it finds a comfortable resting place to land until the next great catastrophe.

How is the economy affecting the industry?

Balance of trade, embargos, sanctions and politics. We hear about bad deals and even worse negotiations. The global economy is an “integrated world economy” and the players are going to the edge of the game.

What abilities or personal qualities do you believe contribute most to success in real estate sales?

Personable, reliable, caring, patient, skilled, knowledgeable, persistent, flexible, resilient, persevering, and above all common sense.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about a career in real estate?

Run quickly the other way! (No, I’m only joking)

Have a plan, keep your focus, manage your expectations of yourself as well as others around you, and ask yourself, “Is it a career that I’m searching for, or is it the smell of money?”

The number one reason why individuals don’t do as well in this business – and I won’t say fail – is that they lack a written and executable plan! F.O.C.U.S = First Opportunity to Create Unlimited Success (because it’s worked for me).

If you were entering real estate today, would you change your preparation in any way to facilitate a successful career in real estate?

Absolutely… But times have changed, people have changed as well as the players. The economy, politics, international influence and technology will always continue to change the course of preparation. Key is to stay one step ahead and not two steps behind.

What do you think will change in the business of real estate in the next 10 years? What trends do you see?

People outliving their means. The generations reaching an advanced maturity level and the lack of discipline in the new age of the Millennials. How we receive our news, drive our cars, communicate with people and how we make decisions based on hearsay and not true factual information. It’s just like foreclosures and short sales… they were always out there, we just didn’t focus on them until the attentions were turned. We had exposure to the issues and the failure to focus on the problems at hand – the greed and the banks – very similar to the fake news nowadays.

Do you have any special words of warning or encouragement as a result of your experience?

Warnings? Not at all. What others do is the result they will receive based upon their own actions which create their own consequences. The power of choice and the decisions were granted to each individual to exercise using their best judgement possible at the time, whether the outcome was good or bad. Accountability is what is accomplished as a result of those actions based on individuals, opportunities and the environment of the actions. I have made many mistakes along the way, corrected most, questioned many, and let a few pass by, but what didn’t hurt me made me stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as an individual. Adversity is often defined as a strength of faith and how you handle that challenge will certainly determine the outcome of the journey.

Could you speak about the International MLS [IMLS], it’s value and how you are associated with it?

The idea was to bridge the world of Real Estate Opportunities to today’s Global Real Estate Professionals as an extension of the Real Estate Professional Platform. The International MLS [IMLS] connects buyers and sellers of Real Estate all over the world.

For buyers, our mission is to provide you with as many current, fresh, and up to date property listings from around the world as we can and to make a search for a property as easy as possible. Find that ideal property in some of the most fabulous places in the world, as our property listings show some of the most outstanding real estate found anywhere.

For sellers, our mission is to provide the ability for your home to be seen by people all over the world, because with The IMLS… your listings can be on agent/broker sites all over the world and syndicated globally.

For Agents and Brokers, our goal is to create the world’s first International MLS so that properties can be displayed all over the world and every agent and broker can participate and share in commissions made. We empower every agent in the world to take on the Unbranded IMLS Search by delivering this immediately to you when you become an IMLS member so that you can share in any commission if a website visitor from YOUR search ends up buying a home anywhere in the world. The IMLS… the only way your listings can be sitting on agent/broker sites all over the world.

Who else do you know who is doing similar kinds of work or uses similar skills?

Not quite sure. I know the play book is small, very condensed, and filled with questions and concerns for the many who travel along the road and sands. I mentioned that inspiration is an experience, and through those experiences I have staked my claim to the words, concepts, stories, content, humor and entertainment that has brought me to the place I am today. There have been many in the past and there will certainly be many more in the future – but what was built on the rocks of relationships along the way will always remain personal, original and from my own experiences. Relationships are bound by the three most important principles of trust, friendship and communication, and it’s how we relate to these three principles that will make the difference for eyes, ears, hearts and minds of those who are listening.

Who is your role model, or someone you admire, and why?

I don’t really have a role model per say… but I do admire all of those who stood up for what they believed in body, soul, heart and mind, who with conviction set out to accomplish what they truly believed to be right. Sometimes that could go very wrong, but that power of challenge, choice and decision was at the forefront to conquer adversity at their very own doorstep. And that’s admirable.

What types of books do you read? Blogs? Any favorite authors?

Jack Canfield’s book, “The Success Principal” was probably one of my first and favorites, because it was at a time that I needed it the most. But I have read, digested and have eaten many of the prolific authors of today’s self help, spiritual, historical, relational, and developmental genre – some good and some bad – but I always look for one golden nugget to implement or to take away from time well spent.

If you had to break it up into percentages, how do you spend your day?

99% full bore at 120 mph. About 1% rest. That’s what I enjoy! Honestly, I run the time and percent of my life, and I allow others to partake as long as there’s meaning, substance and a sense of accomplishment in the outcome. I fall short, but I make sure that others are not left behind the actions that I must complete. My word and Integrity is my bond and I’m always going to give you 100%, plus some.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

Family, health and fitness, church and a good action flick. I have three people in my life that mean the world to me. The “new simple” is the standard to live by, but I do enjoy my work, since my work is best defined as my playtime.

Is there a basic philosophy that you adhere to?

“If you don’t own it, you can’t have it.” – Rich Hart

Being real, genuine and authentic, even though they appear to look the same by definition on the surface, they all have different meanings by context. Real is something you can touch, genuine is from originality or origin, and authentic is from the heart.

Are you optimistic about the future?

Extremely. You have to be, because the future is what you make it to be. Every day is a new day with a new start. Why stop now?

Yeah, there will always be outside factors that will tend to alter the landscape, but there is never one path, just the right one according to an individual’s choice and decision. But be aware of course correction because the path has already been chosen. In my world, the crystal ball ran out of power many years ago.

And ending on a light note, what is your favorite singer/ band?

Wow! Very good question! As a musician myself, there was never one favorite singer or band, but numerous songs and artists from many types and styles and genres during the many good times and difficult times along the way that had made some kind on impact on my life. Music is great food for the soul and feeds the heavy hearted. Some music though, I will never understand… so I just move the dial a hair to the left.

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